Constituent Declaration "World without Nazism2 Movement

Kiev, June 22, 2010

We are different! We belong to different peoples and culture, we practice different religions, we have different political views. We live in different countries and continents.

But we are united about one thing. We desire to protect our world from those who hope to change it using the formula "one state-one nation, one religion, one ideology, one leader".

Less than one hundred years passed from the moment when such ideas won in a number of countries. Mass repressions were initiated against those whom Nazis considered to be a barrier on the way to the racially pure Europe.

Hitler and his allies who came to power unleashed the Second World War, humanity had to go through Holocaust, exterminations of millions of Russians, Byelorussians, Poles, tragedies of Roma and Sinti. Millions of our fellow citizens died in the armed struggle with Nazism.

After the victory the international community placed the anti-Nazi principles into the foundation of the contemporary civilization. But can we be sure today that the de-Nazification process was complete and is irreversible today?

New generations have come who did not feel that pain and did not get immunity from the right-wing nationalism and misanthropically ideas. The ambiguity of the pre-War history and history of the Second World War permitted "national" interpretations of these events. Historical myths justifying allies and accomplices of the Hitler Germany arose. They call to revanche, they are sometimes supported on the state level.

These myths are a fruitful soil for spread of neo-Nazi ideas. We register increase in number of ultra-right and ultra-nationalist groups. Political events and marches of contemporary nazis and veterans of Hitler troops became everyday reality. Voices of those in favor of Holocaust denial are heard again, and sometimes even leaders of states and political movements make such statements.

It is imperative to include investigation into the root causes of Nazism, and investigate the conditions that cause people to become susceptible to recruitment by Nazi organizations, terrorist organizations, fascist ideologies. In particular, it is imperative to address the economic problems often underlying this crisis (poverty, lack of education, etc.) that drive people to desperation and make them vulnerable to recruitment by Nazi ideologies, and terrorist organizations. Economic destitution deprives people of control over their lives, and without choice, people without hope often become vulnerable to manipulation by the most dangerous influences

All of the above permits to state that the contemporary civilization is not fully immune to the revival of Nazism as a political ideology laying claims at establishing a "new world order".

This year we celebrate the 65-th anniversary of the Victory, which won the humanity over the outbreak of the twentieth century epidemic of hate. More than 26 million Soviet citizens, 6 million Polish citizens, nearly 400,000 British citizens and more than 400,000 U.S. citizens, up to 7 million victims of the Holocaust – this is not the full price of this victory. We believe that our duty – not only to honor the memory of those killed in the fight against Nazism, but to prevent the recurrence of the tragedy. We insist that the international community should interfere with the tolerant attitude to any manifestations of Nazism and attempts to whitewash the Nazis and their accomplices. We believe that today it is necessary to protect against the threat of review decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal, which condemned the crimes of the Nazis and their accomplices and allies, and we are ready to defend the sanctity of its decisions.

Therefore, we, representatives of different countries gathered here in Kiev, capital of the state which being part of the USSR incurred tremendous losses in its fight with Nazism. Even today an ideological battle rages here today for the values which the countries of anti-Hitler coalition protected during the Second World War.

Today, on the day of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, during which flared most bloody battles with Nazi forces, during which the fate of all mankind had been decided we state the necessity to create “World without Nazism” International Movement. We establish this Movement with the purpose to preserve our civilization, the world where we can remain different and co-exist.

We advocate creation of an international system of structural counteraction to neo-Nazism and ultra-right nationalism, attempts to whitewash the crimes of Nazis and their accomplices. The presupposes resolution of the top priority issues:

  • establishment of international “early warning” system, monitoring and prevention of the uprising and spread of nazi ideas and actions;
  • establishment of interaction with national, European and international law enforcement and judicial bodies in order to suppress any manifestations of neo-nazism, racism and xenophobia, including glorification of its accomplices, struggle against those who deny Holocaust;
  • cooperation with international European organizations, parliaments, public associations overseeing de-Nazification processes in the UN member states;
  • incorporation into the educational system of the Council of Europe member-states (and further on of other states) of obligatory programs of teaching the Second World War and Holocaust history;
  • popularization of publicist materials, films, works of literature and art which cover issues of revival of the Nazism threat, the need to struggle against it; support of organizations initiating investigation of activities of persons who are accessorial to Nazi crimes of the Second World War;
  • perpetuation of the memory of victims of the Second World War and Holocaust, heroes of Resistance and Soldiers-Liberators.

We call upon the UN and the Council of Europe as we ass the governments of their member-states to become our partners and to provide support to the activities of "World without Nazism" Movement. We call upon representatives of the civil society of different countries to join our Movement.