A lot of work is being done in Kazakhstan with persons subject to radical ideology


In Kazakhstan, much attention is paid to the rehabilitation, deradicalization and resocialization of persons subject to the ideology of destructive religious movements, reports zakon.kz.

And this is not an empty phrase, it is a whole nationwide system of countering the ideology of religious extremism and neutralizing the activities of destructive religious movements, which was laid down in the Concept of State Policy in the Religious Sphere for 2017-2020.

For its implementation, the Ministry of Information and Public Accord has taken a set of measures, including the creation and maintenance of centers for the rehabilitation, deradicalization and resocialization of persons susceptible to radicalism.

Today, such centers function in the form of public associations in the cities of Aktobe, Atyrau, Kokshetau, Karaganda and others, as well as the republican rehabilitation center "Akniet", which has branches in Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Zhezkazgan, Aktobe, Atyrau, Aktau, etc.

From the side of the state, these centers are fully provided with consultative, methodological and informational support, and psychological rehabilitation for the victims of various destructive currents. For example, such materials as a collection of counterarguments by authoritative international and domestic theologians on the basic principles of destructive religious movements (questions and answers), methods of work, criteria for categorizing specialists in the field of rehabilitation of adherents of destructive and radical Islamic ideology, have been developed and sent to the regions.

In addition, in agreement with the ministry, relevant methodological manuals and recommendations were published under the authorship of Sabdin and Tadjibayev, etc.

Also, the ministry, together with local executive bodies, organized awareness-raising and rehabilitation work among persons serving sentences in institutions of the penal system from among adherents of destructive religious movements. As part of this work, thousands of meetings have been organized in the zones, reaching tens of thousands of people, and most importantly, hundreds of people have been deradicalized.

Explanatory work is also carried out with those who wish to receive theological education abroad. For example, at the end of 2019, the number of citizens studying in foreign theological educational institutions amounted to more than 230 people, and as a result of explanatory work, 79 students returned, 69 people abandoned their intentions.

To reduce the outflow of young people abroad to receive theological education, Kazakhstan has created all the necessary conditions for access to higher education in their country. Thus, the Ministry of Education and Science has allocated 580 state educational grants for the last two academic years.

Also, a large outreach work (IRG) on the prevention of conflicts on religious grounds is carried out among the population, including counter-propaganda measures to protect the population from the ideology of destructive religious movements with the involvement of representatives of religious associations.

And what is important, articles, audio and video materials are constantly posted on popular social networks and mobile applications aimed at forming a strong immunity to radical ideology.

Prosecutors, with the involvement of interested state bodies, identify materials containing propaganda of ideas of religious extremism and terrorism, incl. the Internet. Many of them have been recognized by the court as extremist or terrorist, according to the measures taken, links to Internet resources are blocked.

For example, according to the statement of the prosecutor of Uralsk, by a court decision, information materials under the names "Said Buryatsky - Talbis. Part 1", "Said Buryatsky - Talbis. Iblis. 6", "Said Buryatsky - Talbis. Iblis. 12" were recognized as terrorist and prohibited on the territory of our country.

This is only part of the great work that is being done in Kazakhstan to rehabilitate and deradicalize the followers of destructive religious movements.

It is worth recalling that in September of this year, Kazakhstani state bodies in an online format discussed human rights issues with the US Embassy in Kazakhstan. Vice-Minister of Justice Akerke Akhmetova chaired the meeting, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Religious Affairs Bauyrzhan Bakirov, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for the Protection of Children's Rights of the Ministry of Education and Science Dulat Zhekebaev, Ambassador-at-Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Talgat Kaliev, representatives of law enforcement agencies took part in the convictions , as well as responsible employees of the US Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

One of the issues on the agenda was the state of rehabilitation and reintegration measures of the returned citizens within the framework of the Zhusan and Rusafa operations. As you know, the humanitarian operation Zhusan on the return of our citizens from the zones of terrorist activity began in 2019. As a result of the operation, more than 700 citizens were repatriated to Kazakhstan in total, most of whom are women and children who became victims of the international terrorist organization ISIS (banned in Kazakhstan by a court decision). These women at one time left for the war zone after their husbands, who promised them a heavenly life there, but this turned out to be a deception.

It should be noted that the activities of a number of terrorist and extremist organizations are prohibited on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Currently, the following foreign organizations are included in the national list of terrorist and extremist structures banned in Kazakhstan:

  • Al Qaeda
  • "Islamic Movement of East Turkestan"
  • "Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan"
  • "Kurdish People's Congress" ("Kongra-Gel")
  • "Asbat al-Ansar"
  • "Muslim Brothers"
  • The Taliban Movement
  • "Boz gourd"
  • "Jamaat of the Mujahideen of Central Asia"
  • "Lashkar-e-Taiba"
  • "Society for Social Reforms"
  • Organization "Hizb-ut-Tahrir"
  • "Aum Shinrikyo"
  • "Organization for the Liberation of East Turkestan"
  • "Islamic Party of Turkestan"
  • "Alla-Ayat"
  • "Ata Zholy"
  • "Jund al-Khalifat"
  • RPO "Senim. Bilim. Omir"
  • "Tabligi jamagat"
  • "At-takfirwal-hijra"
  • "Islamic State" (ISIS, Daesh, IS)
  • "Front of al-Nusra".