EC criticized the decision of the Polish court on the supremacy of the Constitution over EU law


The European Commission expressed disagreement with the court decision of Poland on the supremacy of the country's Constitution over the laws of the EU, and also promised to evaluate the ruling of the Polish court and take appropriate measures.

This is stated in the issued statement of the EC.

"The Commission defends and reaffirms the basic principles of the legal system of the Union, namely, the supremacy of EU law over national law, including over constitutional norms," the message says.

They stressed that all judgments of the European Court are binding on the authorities of all EU member states, including for national courts.

The EC stated that the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal of Poland raises serious concern, and also promised to analyze in detail the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal of Poland. After that, the document says, the EC will decide on further measures.

"The Commission does not hesitate to use all its powers in accordance with the EU treaties to guarantee the uniform application and integrity of the Union's law," the EC said.

Recall that the court in Poland confirmed the superiority of the country's legislation over European law.