1. Association "Humanitarian Perspective"
  2. Social movement "Forstadt"
  3. Public organization D.V.I.N.A.
  4. United congress of Russian communities in Latvia
  5. Latvian Human Rights Committee, LHRC
  6. Latvian Antifascist committee
  7. United congress of Russian communities in Latvia
  8. Литва

  9. Political Party "Socialist Popular Front"
  10. Social Justice Fund
  11. Эстония

  12. Veteran Organization of North-East Estonia
  13. Television company "TVN"
  14. Alliance of non-citizens of Estonia
  15. Representation of the Estonian Anti-Fascist Committee at Brussels
  16. NGO "Together"
  17. NPO "Narodnoe ravnopravie"
  18. Youth movement "Young Word"
  19. "MIX" youth movement
  20. Youth organization "Siin-Here"
  21. Data portal, NPO "Altmedia"
  22. Magazine "Baltic World" NGO "Integration Media Group"
  23. Arnold Meri Estonian Public Union Against Neo-Nazism and Interethnic Discord (Anti-Fascist Committee)
  24. Group "Nochnoy Dozor" (Night Watch)
  25. "Markus" Law Office
  26. Германия

  27. Bundesverband der russischsprachigen Eltern
  28. "Russian Jews of Germany"
  29. Russian information agency "Planet"
  30. Portal "Science and journalism as criticism"
  31. Society "Cultural background"
  32. EXIT-Germany
  33. Youth community "Initiative"
  34. RusMedia Group
  35. Нидерланды

  36. "Center for Russian-speaking Jews of the Benelux"
  37. Coordinating Council of the United Organizations of Russian Compatriots in the Netherlands
  38. Финляндия

  39. Antifascist Committee of Finland
  40. Франция

  41. "Movement for a Better World"
  42. Италия

  43. Center of international development of the relations between Italy and Russia
  44. Association of friends of Israel
  45. Alternative - Political Laboratory
  46. Law Office of the Office of the Deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Italy Manlio Contento
  47. Польша

  48. Patriotic Club "Vityaz"
  49. Society for the Commemoration of the Victims of Crime of Ukrainian Nationalists
  50. Испания

  51. "SOS-Racism"
  52. Венгрия

  53. Church of Faith
  54. "Subjective fund of meaning"
  55. Австрия

  56. Austrian Social Forum
  57. Россия

  58. All-Russian public organization "Young Guard" of United Russia - N. Novgorod
  59. World Congress of Russian-speaking Jewry
  60. Tula Regional Branch of the All-Russian Youth Movement
  61. Tula branch of the Interregional Fund "Association of Commissioners for Human Rights"
  62. Social and Political Research Centre "Aspect"
  63. "Holocaust" center
  64. Tambov Regional Public Organization "Center for Legal Technologies "Civil Union"
  65. Search squad alliance
  66. Council for the Consolidation of the Women's Movement in Russia
  67. Russian United Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith
  68. Regional public organization "Stavropol Congress of the Peoples of Russia"
  69. Pskov Regional Public Organization Educational Center "Dialogue of Cultures"
  70. Human Rights Center of the World Russian People's Council
  71. Human Rights Center of World Congress of Russian Jewry
  72. All-Russian public organization of war and military service veterans
  73. NGO "Civil forces"
  74. Novgorod regional branch of the "Russian Social Democratic Youth Union"
  75. Nonprofit Partnership Lawyers for Civil Society (LCS)
  76. National Council of Youth and Children's Organizations of Russia
  77. Moscow Bureau for Human Rights
  78. "Youth Assembly of the Peoples of Russia "WE ARE RUSSIANS"
  79. Interregional youth public organization "New People"
  80. International media club "Inpressum"
  81. "REGNUM" News Agency
  82. Actual Historical Research Assistance Foundation "Historical Memory"
  83. Foundation for State Law and Humanitarian Projects
  84. Eurasian academy of TV and radio
  85. Association of Public Organizations "Public Chamber of the Oryol Region"
  86. Белоруссия

  87. The Union of Belarussian Jewish Public Associations and Communities (UBJPAC)
  88. Молдова

  89. Center of strategic analysis "EST-VEST"
  90. Jewish Congress of Moldova
  91. Association of historians and politicians "Pro-Moldova"
  92. Украина

  93. Zaporozhye city youth public organization "Slavyanskaya Gvardiya"
  94. All-Ukrainian National Cultural and Educational Society "Russian Assembly" (All-Ukrainian Public Organization "Human Rights Public Movement" Russian-Speaking Ukraine ")
  95. All-Ukrainian trade union organization "Confederation of Labor of Ukraine"
  96. All-Ukrainian public organization "Union of Lawyers of Ukraine"
  97. All-Ukrainian public organization "Human rights public movement" Russian-speaking Ukraine "
  98. "Gift of life"
  99. Ukrainian Union of Prisoners-Victims of Nazism
  100. Ukrainian Independent Council of Jewish Women
  101. Ukrainian Jewish Student Union
  102. Ukrainian Jewish Committee
  103. Union of Ukrainian peoples
  104. Russian youth Brotherhood
  105. Progressive Socialist Party
  106. Odessa Regional Youth Organization "Bell"
  107. Public organization "Peaceful Future"
  108. Public organization "Support Group for Environmental Conscious Parenting"
  109. NGO "Children of Holocaust"
  110. Association of Ukrainian officers "Patriot"
  111. National Academy of the Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine
  112. International League for the Protection of the Rights of Ukrainian Citizens
  113. International Organization All-Ukrainian Union of War Participants
  114. International Public Organization "Legal and Social Initiative"
  115. International public organization "FORUM OF THE WORLD"
  116. International Women's Jewish Organization "Project Kesher"
  117. Kiev organization "Zikaron Shoah" (Memory of the catastrophe)
  118. Islamic cultural center
  119. Human Rights Organization «Common Goal»
  120. Ukranian Jewish Committee
  121. Antifascist Committee of Ukraine
  122. Израиль

  123. World Congress of Russian-speaking Jewry in support of the people of Israel
  124. World Congress of Russian-speaking Jewry for Israel and its Russian-speaking citizens
  125. First radio
  126. Nonprofit organization "Migdalor Hasharon"
  127. Youth Center "Migdal Or" (Lighthouse)
  128. Israeli Association for the Support of Immigrant Children
  129. Institute of CIS and Eastern Europe countries "Citizens for New Israel"
  130. Dmir-ASSISTANCE TO ABSORPTION (project "Center for Information and Support to Victims of Anti-Semitism")
  131. "AVRORA"
  132. All-Israel association of Russian communities
  133. США

  134. Community Jewish Center of South Brooklyn "Kings Bay Y"
  135. NGO "Anti-Terrorist Human Rights Initiative"
  136. League of Voters of Russian-Speaking Americans
  137. Congress of Bukharian Jews of the USA and Canada
  138. Charitable organization "Blue Card"
  139. New York Auxiliary Police Officers' Mutual Assistance Association "APBA"
  140. Association of Russian-speaking New York Police Officers
  141. Greater New York City Parents' Association
  142. Anti-Defamation League
  143. American Branch of the World Congress of Russian-speaking Jewry
  144. American Association of Anti-Fascist Immigrants from the Former USSR