"A World Without Nazism" Demands Punishment Of Nazi Criminals

The recent trials of elderly Nazi criminals in Germany– an employee of the Stutthof concentration camp chancellery and a Sachsenhausen concentration camp guard accused of facilitating mass murder – show that, although belatedly, retribution overtakes in Germany those who, a few decades ago, even indirectly, but participated in crimes againsthumanity. a rope that ensures the principle of inevitability of punishment for crimes against humanity, regardless of the statute of limitations.

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On The Need To Counter The Threats Of Right-Wing Extremism

In recent years, we have witnessed an increase in the number of extremist manifestations in developed and quite prosperous countries of the world.

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Appeal heads of international public organizations To the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

We, the heads of international public organizations representing World War II veterans, former prisoners of ghettos and concentration camps, leaders of the regional branches of the International Human Rights Movement "World without Nazism"...

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Appeal of the International Human Rights Movement "World without Nazism"

The international human rights movement "World without Nazism" considers it necessary to draw the attention of international human rights organizations and the world community to the verdict passed by the Siauliai District Court of Lithuania to the member of the MPD Presidium "World without Nazism", the politician known in Lithuania Algirdas Paleckis...

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Statement On Counteracting The Distortion Of History Of The Twentienth Century

On October 14 in Prague, representatives of nineteen non-governmental organizations from 13 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, signed in the presence of Czech Prime Minister and Vice-President of the European parliament, the so-called "European memory and conscience" platform...

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