On The Need To Counter The Threats Of Right-Wing Extremism


In recent years, we have witnessed an increase in the number of extremist manifestations in developed and quite prosperous countries of the world. The risks associated with extremism and terrorism are obviously increasing. In general, the level of xenophobia is also growing. During the pandemic, these challenges have become even more urgent.

A number of high-profile terrorist acts in Europe and the United States, organized by Islamists, frankly say that, despite the victory over terrorists in Syria and the general tightening of anti-terrorist legislation in the leading countries of the world, this enemy is not defeated, it continues its deadly movement across countries and continents, destroying and intimidating all those who do not agree to live according to the dogmas of those people, who have perverted Islam as a religion and are trying to impose their ideas about the world order on the whole world.

On the other hand, statistics show that most murders and attacks on political grounds are committed today by right-wing extremists. In the U.S. alone, right-wing extremists account for more than 90 percent of all political killings, and the total number of hate crimes has increased by more than 20 percent over the past five years. In recent years, under the influence of Islamist terror, experts and law enforcement agencies of most countries in Europe and America have disproportionately shifted their attention towards Islamism, leaving out of their increased attention the activities of aggressive nationalists and neo-Nazis. As a result, in the 10s. Xxi century there was a surge of violence on the part of the ultra-right.

Right-wing ideology and large right-wing radical parties are gradually becoming part of the political reality in the EU and the United States, many of them are now part of the government coalitions of countries with deep democratic traditions, the number and influence of extremist political parties, movements and groups, especially in local and regional parliaments, is growing. They are already passing laws that target national, racial and religious minorities, as well as migrants.

Many Radical Right parties and movements have decided to use the pandemic as a political tool, seeking to undermine the credibility of the government and leading a spontaneous anti-vaqser movement. They are at the forefront of many anti-social actions – from the storming of the CAPITOL in the US in January 2021 to the mass protests against anti-Covid restrictions in Europe in recent months.

All this leads to disappointing conclusions and to the growth of fears for the future of the whole world. Proceeding from this, the International Human Rights Movement "World without Nazism" calls on all human rights and anti-fascist forces to unite in the face of the threat of right-wing radicalism and hold a meeting in the coming months to discuss the objective and subjective reasons leading to the growth of extremist sentiments, to agree on joint proposals for changing the legislation and law enforcement practices of the leading countries of the world that will help weaken the influence of both Islamists, and the ultra-right to make the most important political decisions, to the public and political discourse of Europe and America.

President of the IHRM "World without Nazism"
B. Spiegel.